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1. Rudra - A developer-friendly framework for exhaustive analysis of (PCAP and PE) files. (src)
2. Aayudh - The weaponary you need in your fight against evil. (src)
3. Flowinspect - A Network Inspection Tool. (src)
4. Cryptopaymon - A bot to monitor crypto payments (donations and ransom). (src)
5. Kalpi - A static site generator in Python. (src)
6. Cigma - A pure-Python file type identification library. (src)
7. PcapEdit - An Interactive Pcap Editor (based on Scapy). (src)
8. RE2DotGraph - Visualize a (non-POSIX) regular expression (uses pyFSA and dot). (src)
9. ARP-Secur - A proof-of-concept tool to safegaurd against ARP cache poisoning attacks. (src)