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Ankur Tyagi

Hi, I'm Ankur Tyagi and this is my blog where I document ideas and list updates on several topics of interest that span security, programming and problem solving in general. It is completely opensource and created using a minimal static site generator called Kalpi.

I've completed my graduate studies with a formal background in Computer Science and Software Systems. I started my professional journey with Vulnerability Assessment as the primary work domain but in a few years moved to Intrusion Prevention which eventually became my expertise. In an attempt to further improve infosec domain understanding, I moved to my present profile where I work as a Malware Researcher and get exposure to a wide array of concepts and ideas. At present, malware analysis, file-format decoding and network traffic inspection are my primary areas of interest.

I use 7h3rAm (IPA: θˈɛɹam) as my handle and you can find me using it on most social platforms. You can also reach me via mail, linkedin, github, twitter or keybase.